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"We design and build the best custom mahogany windows when nothing less will do." ~ Lewis Stewart, Founder

Custom Wood Windows


    inner-1CUSTOM WOOD WINDOWS ARE A KEY DESIGN COMPONENT, an architectural element that gives you the opportunity express your unique design aesthetic. Famed architect, writer and curator, Howard Decker, stated, “The shape, character, and construction of the window have an enormous effect not only on how our buildings work and how it is to live in them, but also how they look.”

    When making a statement, wood windows have long been the choice of discerning architects and consumers the world over and are featured in nearly all of the world’s most extravagant homes. No other building component has as significant an impact on your home’s interior and exterior design.

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    At Stewart Brannen, the possibilities are endless, whether you’re looking to replicate historic details, attain some of the best energy ratings in the industry or protect yourself from the elements in hurricane prone regions. We can provide you with exactly what you need and with all of the aesthetic details you desire.

    Our windows are built using CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) routers. We use CNC because all of our products are custom and made to order. There are many different machine setups to be made for all of our products and a human cannot match the tolerances of the CNC machine. Our parts are first machined on the routers because they are extremely accurate and allow for complex machining to be done to the wood parts very safely. The parts are then inspected and assembled by hand.

    We provide a factory finish for our windows that is second to none. When using wood products in exterior applications, finish is absolutely crucial; it is the finish that acts as a barrier to prevent moisture from being wicked into the wood. Our method of finish application also sets us apart from our competition. We individually finish all sides of each component of our products before they are assembled. By so doing, we ensure that there are no raw surfaces that would be prone to the absorption of water. We have numerous standard stain colors available for the various species we utilize in our products, and we have the ability to match most any stain color if desired. In addition, if you would like your product painted we can match any of the common suppliers’ paint colors.

  • custom wood windows


    Stewart Brannen Millworks custom wood windows can be found complimenting luxury homes all over the United States, but primarily in the southeastern states of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. Our most popular wood species for windows is Sapele Mahogany, specially imported from Africa. Our wood windows offer unrivaled beauty and performance with extreme flexibility in design, enabling architects, designers and clients to transform their vision into reality without compromise.