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Our Finish Process

  The first component is an impregnating agent which is flow coated to saturate the wood substrate. It is the impregnation from which each stained product receives its unique color chosen by the client. We have a selection of standard stain colors but can offer custom colors upon request. Rather than conventional stains that quickly […]

Why wood Windows and Doors?

Mankind has been fascinated with wood as a building material for thousands of years. Relatively light weight and easily shaped, wood allows us to build a wide array of products which serve both utilitarian and artistic needs. Doors were one of the first items made of wood by man; they provide both security and beauty. […]


We’ve been extremely busy here at our shop in Register Ga, for the past few months creating window and door masterpieces.  Currently we are working on a fixed quatrefoil window that we are extremely proud of and we thought  you might want to share in our progress.  We have many exciting projects coming up and […]

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