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Florida Design Pressure and Impact Ratings

The following rating information was provided by www.floridabuilding.org.  You can also find  impact and DP ratings on our products by using the search tool on this website. 1714.5 Exterior window and door assemblies. This section defines performance and construction requirements for exterior window and door assemblies installed in wall systems. Waterproofing, sealing and flashing systems […]

Divided Light Windows and Doors

Divided light windows fall into two categories, TDL and SDL.  TDL stands for true divided light.  This means that every individual square of window is separate and divided by muntins or grills.  TDL windows are found on historic homes. Large pieces of glass were historically very expensive to manufacture so window makers used smaller glass […]

CNC router

CNC routers have been used in the cabinet industry for years.  The following article from cadcode.com explains our journey to convert from hand routing to using high precision CNC routers.  You can read the full article at http://www.cadcode.com/category/categories/gallery.   “We looked at routers for eight years,” says Lewis Stewart, co-founder of Brannen Millwork. His desk […]

Pilasters and Pediments

Doors flanked with pilasters and a pediment creates grand visual interest.  Because we are 100% custom we are able to work with you to create your own grand entrance.  We are currently creating an entrance with pilasters and a pediment inspired by Doric style column and entablature. Several styles of classical or neoclassical architecture are defined […]

Character Grade Wood

Wood Grading Grading is a means of rateing boards according to variations in the wood’s natural color. For example, “Select & Better” grade woods are more uniform in color than “Select” or “Character” grades, which present greater, more pronounced natural color variation. Character Grade Character grade has a beautiful natural appearance displaying the full characteristics […]

Insulated Impact Glass

Insulated impact glass is composed of a heavy plastic inter layer that fits tightly between two pieces of double strength glass.  An additional piece of tempered glass is added to form an insulated glass unit.  The entire unit is sealed together and glazed into the sash. Stewart Brannen Millworks uses top of the line Cardinal […]

Register GA, Manufacturing Plant

We are hard at work here at our manufacturing facility in Register Georgia to making sure we can make your vision a reality.        

Design Pressure Testing

Design pressure tests were designed to measure how resistant windows and doors would be when subjected to several different severity’s of storms. The test also measures the products resistance to Wind Loads. DP testing was first established in the 1940’s by a group of window manufacturers and engineers that had concerned about hurricanes and other […]

2015 Extreme Weather Testing

Our Impact units are put through rigorous extreme weather tests to ensure they can stand strong against natural disasters. Water Test The units are attached to a vacuum wall that attempts to suck the water being sprayed on them through any seams or gaskets. Design Pressure Test (Wind) This test simulates the effects of hurricane […]

What sets us apart?

We have engineered our doors to maximize the beauty of wood, while working with the natural properties of wood. We are a regional company and we engineer our doors for our region. Stile and rail doors have been around for centuries. This design limits the widths of the components making up the perimeter of the […]

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