Style, Craftsmanship and Dependability are the principles by which Stewart Brannen Millwork has gained its reputation.

At Stewart Brannen, our dedicated design team works with our clients to develop functional, one-of-a-kind, works of art; in the form of windows, doors and custom millwork. Family owned and operated, all projects receive personalized attention throughout the entire process. From concept to completion our design professionals guide clients throughout the entire process. Utilizing timeless craftsmanship in conjunction with cutting-edge technology all of our products are meticulously manufactured and handcrafted; offering world-class, American made products.

We possess a profound appreciation of wood, wood products, engineering and architectural design; and we strive to provide our clients with wooden windows and doors beyond reproach.

At Stewart Brannen, we endeavor to provide the finest wood products in the world; tailored specifically to our clients’ desires. It is through our desire to cultivate our clients’ dreams into a reality that we are driven to innovate and evolve daily.

We have engineered our windows and doors to maximize the inherent beauty of the wood from which they are made, while working with its natural properties to create unique works of art that will withstand the test of time.

All of our products are manufactured with the use of CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) routers. We utilize the CNC equipment because it is very flexible with extremely tight tolerances that simply cannot be matched without such technology. All of our products are custom made to order and we almost never make the same thing twice so we need machinery that is highly flexible, extremely accurate and able to machine parts and products that are extremely complex to ensure that each and every custom made product is exactly what our clients’ desire with the functionality that will serve them for decades. Our product is ever evolving and has never been better than it is today. The technology we have implemented allows us to do things more accurately than ever before, as well as, allowing us to do things we couldn’t do earlier. Today’s technology allows us to be better craftsmen. Compromises are never made.
We also offer a complete line of Impact Rated products for regions subjected to hurricane force winds. With an exhaustive array of approvals which can be found at www.floridabuilding.org; we have the flexibility to provide our clients with rated products which possess all of the aesthetic features they desire.

Wood is one of the world’s oldest and most proven building materials. There is an intrinsic beauty in wood products which simply cannot be matched. Wood affords artisans the ability to manipulate and shape it into almost any configuration the client can imagine. However, due to the exposure exterior windows and doors can get, especially those along the ocean fronts, these products must be manufactured utilizing expertise and a thorough understanding of not only the windows and doors themselves; but also the characteristics of the wood from which the products are made.houzz